Year-end Holiday Survey 2015

Pinching pennies for presents

In an effort to shed light on consumption patterns, and assist retailers to reasonably predict and cater to holiday spend, we have sampled the spending plans and underlying moods of South African consumers ahead of the 2015 festive season.

Our long-standing annual Year-end Holiday Survey report is now in its 18th year, and in light of the various challenges currently facing the South African economy, the relevance of this publication is greater than ever.

Annually, the festive season proves to be of significance to retailers, whose year-end financial results are often impacted by the last quarter’s sales performance. Although the festive season sees a peak in consumer spending compared to the rest of the year, the extent to which South African consumers will spend their share of wallet in the retail environment reflects the conservative spending sentiments for the 2015 holidays.

Retailers are therefore faced with the challenge of understanding how a range of factors may affect the shopping behaviour of consumers this season, and how they can meet their escalating needs in an ever complex and connected world.

Holiday Survey Report 2015 Infographic

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