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Deloitte is pleased to present the 9th edition of the Deloitte Consumer Review, forcusing on African opportunities for Consumer Business

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Shopping for success

Changing market conditions and new entrants have resulted in retailers being faced with numerous strategic alternatives. The ability to create a truly differentiated position in a crowded marketplace may require bold action and difficult decisions  
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Sustainability for consumer business companies

A story of growth

Sustainability has become a primary driver for strategic product and business model innovation.

Although a rising global population and a growing middle class in many developing countries create a massive economic opportunity, this same growth and demand places alarming pressure on natural resources and raw materials such as water and energy.

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Sustainability for consumer business companies: a story of growth

The transition to more sustainable patterns of production and personal consumption is not optional. Governments understand this and will regulate and tax accordingly to shape consumer and business behaviors.  Leading businesses recognize this as an opportunity and want to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem as more and more consumers look to buy smart and will increasingly establish new norms for socially acceptable behavior.

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André Dennis

Africa C&IP Industry Leader

Antoine de Riedmatten

Global Industry Leader, Consumer Business


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