AAAM World Economic Forum (WEF) Affiliated Automotive Executive Breakfast

Building Automotive Manufacturing Ecosystems in Africa

Africa is widely considered as the final frontier for the automotive industry, with underdevelopments across the continent representing immense growth opportunities across the entire value chain from production and assembly to sales and after-sales services. Furthermore, rising per capita income levels, ongoing developments of financial markets, as well as projected increases in motorisation rates all add to the opportunity for advanced vehicle manufacturing ecosystems across the continent. This opportunity, however, can be achieved only through the alignment of stakeholders committed to the formulation, and subsequent implementation, of accommodative automotive policy frameworks.

Deloitte Africa and the African Association of Automotive Manufacturers (AAAM) hosted the exclusive AAAM WEF Affiliated Automotive Executive Breakfast. Deloitte Africa Automotive Leader and Managing Director: Emerging Markets & Africa, Dr Martyn Davies and AAAM President and Chairman and Managing Director of Volkswagen Group South Africa, Thomas Schaefer and a panel of Executives from the Automotive sector shared their insights around leading and driving Automotive industrialisation across the continent.

The purpose of the engagement was to bring together key stakeholders from the automotive sector to:

  • Highlight the potential for advanced automotive manufacturing ecosystems in Africa, as well as the associated benefits to local economies.
  • Unpack the makeup of an African automotive ecosystem.
  • Discuss the distributed “hub-and-spoke” framework for integrated regional automotive manufacturing activities across the value chain in Africa.
  • Outline the policy environment required to support regional industrialisation in Africa.

About the engagement
 Friday, 6th September 2019
Location: CTICC, Cape Town
Theme: Building Automotive Manufacturing Ecosystems in Africa

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