Manufacturing Competitiveness in Africa

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Are you a C-suite stakeholder in the African manufacturing landscape? Deloitte Africa and the Manufacturing Circle would appreciate your view on manufacturing competitiveness on the continent.

In 2013, Deloitte in partnership with the Manufacturing Circle, published a report based on a survey that discussed the major drivers affecting manufacturing competitiveness in South Africa. We have extended this survey to the rest of Africa, at a time when the opportunity to drive manufacturing forward in Africa has never been greater, and would love to hear your thoughts. To take the quick survey, click here.

Why you should take part

The survey is part of a larger quest to help drive manufacturing forward in Africa. The findings will be collated into a report which will be used to facilitate industry discussion, provide input into policy and actions going into 2017, and allow us to benchmark ourselves against global competitors. See the previous South African edition here , which was very well received by the manufacturing industry at large.

In this Africa-focused survey, we go further to also explore the future importance of advanced manufacturing technologies by manufacturing executives – an important topic in this globalised and increasingly competitive industry.

Have your say

To take the quick survey, click here. We look forward to hearing your thoughts.

How can Deloitte help:

We have a strong presence across Africa, and we collaborate with our Deloitte member firm network to bring value to our clients as we work towards a joint vision of a competitive future for manufacturing in Africa.

To take the quick survey, click here.
We look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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