Connected Retail

Digital opportunities in emerging markets

Retailers globally are being disrupted by digital, yet less than one-quarter of retailers are actively doing anything about it.

Retailers globally are being disrupted by digital, yet less than one-quarter of retailers are actively doing anything about it.

Deloitte has embraced digital disruption and has been working with retail clients to get the most out of digital – improving efficiencies, driving down costs and creating a better understanding of the entire value chain – from supplier’s right through to customers. 

We have developed the Connected Retail Solution that provides real-world digital solutions to key business issues. Our Connected Retail Solution consists of Connected Supply Chain, Connected Store, Connected Customer and Connected Workforce.  

Connected Supply Chain

The evolution of traditional, linear supply chains to integrated, digital supply networks bring a series of challenges and opportunities within the retail industry. Connected Supply Chain is a set of new offerings that allow retailers to determine how to utilise emerging technologies to capture the correct data using Smart Sensors, derive new insights using Advanced Analytics, turn new insights into value focused actions in a Supply Network Control Tower and establish Synchronised Planning in collaboration with the broader retail ecosystem.

Connected Store and Connected Customer

As Deloitte we seek to understand the everyday customer, the growing complexities of their demands and their heightened level of sophistication that only continues to develop in this digital era. In the midst of this evolving retail landscape, organisations need to re-define the role and position they assume in order to adjust successfully. The purpose of this project is to combine the latest developments in global consumer trends and technologies as well as incorporating the use cases to make them relevant to the South African context and bring the concept of a connected store to life.

To practically demonstrate this, we selected various use cases help to establish key points at different stages of the customer’s shopping journey in order to identify their specific needs and ensure that these are met throughout their entire experience. Our aim is to build a physical store in our Greenhouse labs, installing the relevant smart technologies, involving the different demographics within South Africa to better understand the relevance of the use cases to them.

We named our store Mzansi and Green and explored the future of a connected store in both food and fashion retail.

Connected Workforce

The future of work and the workforce is facing dramatic change driven by technology, globalisation, demographics, social values, and the changing personal expectations of workforce participants. As Deloitte, we recommend that retailers start preparing now for the future of their businesses by considering how they will be structured in a digital world, what type of leader they will need to lead the business in a digital world, what type of work they will do and how they will do it, how their workforce will drive greater value and how they will strengthen employee engagement to get people to live their brand.

In the new digital world, the rules of work have changed, and employees are more connected than ever before. Deloitte’s Digital Workforce Engagement solution enables retailers to engage with employees that have smartphones, as well as connect with basic-feature phone-using employees. Through Gamified Performance Management, retailers are able to engage and motivate all employees in the Connected Workforce through intrinsic motivators such as rewarding employees for daily achievements, elevating employee status amongst peers, rewarding employee progress toward goals, and embedding the right behaviours aligned to the customer experience.

Connected Retail 2018 Infographic

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