Financing the Future of Mobility

Auto finance in the evolving transportation ecosystem

How will the rise of carsharing and self-driving vehicles alter the landscape for auto financiers? It might dramatically change the number and size of loans—and who needs them. Increasingly, customers will be not individual car owners but businesses, and we anticipate overall loan volumes to decline.

A series of converging social and technological forces, from advanced powertrains to shifting consumer preferences and the emergence of autonomous vehicles, will reshape the way people and goods move about in the coming years.

The future state of mobility:

  1. Incremental change
  2. A world of car sharing
  3. The driverless revolution
  4. A new age of accessible autonomy

The first step in the auto finance value chain is finding and connecting with customers who need to borrow money to make their purchase. Both indirect relationships and the ability to leverage customer loyalty to particular carmakers are unique sources of strength for captives, and they will continue to be important foundations of competitive advantage in the market for personally owned vehicles, whether driver driven or autonomous, even as auto retailers adapt their own business models to the future of mobility.


How can Deloitte help

Deloitte Automotive can assist clients to analyse the African Automotive finance market develop a strategy that will work for each individual client.  We have a skilled finance team that can best assist our Auto clients to unpack matters affecting them with regards to financing in the sector.


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