Insuring the Future of Mobility

The insurance industry’s role in the evolving transportation ecosystem

As ridesharing, carsharing, and autonomous vehicles increasingly replace traditional models of automotive transportation, insurers may have to rethink their role in the mobility ecosystem and their relationship to drivers, owners, and vehicles.

If people stop driving, what will auto insurers, well, insure? The rise of ridesharing and autonomous cars—as part of the new mobility ecosystem—means that the insurance industry should reconsider its time-honored business model. While some revenue streams will likely dry up, new ones will begin flowing.

In the new mobility ecosystem, shifting customer needs and improvements in vehicle safety will likely reduce, reallocate, or eliminate a substantial amount of today’s insurance premiums. Over time, several key factors drive these anticipated changes:

  • A reduction in the total number of vehicles, as consumers adopt carsharing and ridesharing
  • A reduction in claim frequency, as vehicles equipped with either partially autonomous or fully autonomous capabilities comprise a growing portion of the fleet
  • A shift away from personal auto to commercial and product liability-type insurance for shared autonomous vehicles


How can Deloitte help

The Deloitte Automotive Team strives to be the automotive leader in Africa for the sector. We have a highly skilled team with great expertise in Tax, Audit, Consulting and Risk Advisory services which we take to our clients in order to help them run winning businesses in this evolving eco-system on the continent.


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