Connecting the Future of Mobility

The role of telecoms in the new transport system

Self-driving cars and flashy entertainment apps may get all the attention, but fast, reliable, omnipresent connectivity will be the backbone of the new transportation ecosystem. That means telecom companies will play an integral role as any auto maker, tech giant or urban planner.

Value opportunity areas for telecom in the future mobility ecosystem:

Within each future state and core component of the ecosystem, there is scope for telecoms companies to play an integral role - but only if they accelerate their efforts to target the emerging opportunities in a concerted way.


* Experience management

Increasing demand for on-the-go content would require new types of audio/ video content aggregation and delivery for different types of content

* Mobility management

They can play a vital role in enabling mobility services give their expertise in billing, payments, analytics for planning and optimisation and asset management services

* Vehicle development and operations

Telecom companies have the opportunity to introduce completely new revenue streams through processing and distributing data from new types of sensors that auto makers could install in autonomous vehicles

* Infrastructure enablement

Interoperability of mobility systems and platforms between the rapidly growing numbers and endpoints will likely present additional revenue opportunities for telecom companies

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