The Restaurant Of The Future

Creating the next-generation customer experience

The next generation customer is here, restaurants need to evolve to cater for this customer. Advances in digital technology can assist with this.

To understand the digital and customer trends of the future, Deloitte surveyed approximately 4,500 restaurant consumers, conducted interviews with more than twenty restaurant industry executives, and convened a roundtable forum of restaurant brand leaders.

What appeared from this research was that the restaurant of the future should get to know who next-generation customers are, adapt to their patterns of interaction with the world, and build meaningful digital experiences for their customers.


Restaurant executives should keep a number of core tenets in mind:

• IT has more on its plate than ever before
Employee engagement systems for a large, diverse, and often transient workforce. Social media planning and implementation. Compliance requirements. Cyber security along with all elements of digital. The digital and analytical enhancements that make up a next-generation customer experience are a whole new job piled on top of these existing mandates—and they may take a bigger team, with new skill sets and operating models to be successful.
• Digital strategy cannot happen in siloes
For a new, technology-driven customer experience to reach effectively across the different ways a restaurant interacts with its customers, it also has to reach effectively across the different ways its parts work with each other. Functions like IT, marketing, training, and operations have their specialties, but this is no place for siloes.
• Digital poses new risks
Rising wages? Food and product safety? Competitive threats? These are familiar risks. When a restaurant embeds new digital technology into the core of its customer and social engagement, it is entering new risk territory. For many years, cyber security was specific to corporate or customer credit card information—now, with loyalty programs and other forms of customer information, the risks have greatly increased.

How can Deloitte help

Creating the restaurant of the future to serve the next-generation customer might not be such a challenge if the demand weren’t here today. Competition is intense, customers already expect these experiences, and the time is now. Africa Travel, Hospitality and Services can help your business with digital startegies, human capital services and  cyber risk expert advice on how to be the restaurant of the future.

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