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About Deloitte Africa

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No matter the complexity or location within Africa, Deloitte Africa is ready to help maximise your business potential.

Why Deloitte?

Physical presence

As more companies and institutions do business in Africa, Deloitte endeavours to provide clients with a consistent service through our OneDeloitte approach. Deloitte is one of Africa’s leading professional services firm, providing services of the highest standard through over 6 000 professionals. We have a physical presence in 34 African countries and service 51 out of the 54 countries in Africa. 

Deep insights and service

The sheer size of Africa, coupled with the diversity of the markets on the continent, presents both huge opportunity as well as unique challenges for local, national and international businesses. Operating effectively on the continent requires a comprehensive knowledge of its various customs as well as experience of Africa’s rapidly evolving business environment.

Our comprehensive network of offices on the continent employs the highest calibre professionals who are committed to delivering innovative, value-added solutions to often complex business problems. Our existing services in Africa are also able to draw on the wealth of expertise from our global organisation to assist in every level of decision making across our fully integrated firm. This support enables us to provide the broadest possible service to our clients.

An integrated African firm

By organising our African practice into four fully integrated regions (North, South, East and West) we are better able to service clients operating on a continent that boasts and estimated 2,000 languages and dialects. We are able to maintain an appropriate balance between global size and local relevance. Each cluster is resourced with top notch local professionals that are able to leverage the resources of our worldwide footprint to service our African clients in a manner that still respects the unique local dynamics of each market. 

Deloitte clients can be confident of collaboration, co-ordination, quality, consistency and the cross border mobility of our resources both within and across these four business clusters. This is achieved through a regional body with key members of the executive management teams from each of the core clusters, who meet regularly to analyse and collaborate on delivery across 

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