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Spotlight on Opportunities in Francophone Africa

The Francophone African region is beginning to present prospects worth investigating, especially for investors and businesses that traditionally have not considered these markets as viable. The Franc Zone’s strong performance has been largely driven by increased investment in infrastructure, improving business environments and some progress in diversification initiatives of countries.

  • The Francophone African region is expected to deliver some of the fastest-regional growth rates, second only to the East African region.
  • Côte d’Ivoire is projected to be the fastest-growing economy in SSA according to International Monetary Fund (IMF) forecasts.
  • With infrastructure projects underway and continued donor funding, Senegal’s GDP growth is expected to average a very robust 6.9% per year over the 2017-18 period.
  • Cameroon is often seen as a gateway to the Central African Monetary Union economic area, represents a market of over 50 million people and annual GDP of about US$100bn.

Three broad themes appear in all three Francophone African markets on our watch list. These include efforts to create a conducive business environment, rising infrastructure spending and deliberate progress in diversification. With a continuous focus on privatisation and various Public Private Partnership projects underway, key sectors coupled with favourable demographics will sustain this growth momentum over the medium term.

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