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The African Insights podcast series explores challenges, opportunities and risks facing those doing business across the vast and varied African continent. Gain understanding of the unique political and economic factors that make Africa a market like nowhere else in the world.

Africa – a diverse region – requires ‘granular approach’ 

The International Monetary Fund recently announced its growth projections for sub-Saharan Africa as the institution expects growth to recover to 3.1% in 2018, this coming from 2.7% in 2017. The question is how achievable is this figure amid global headwinds and policy uncertainty across much of sub-Saharan Africa.  What does the idea of restructuring much of the economic ecosystem across Africa mean for markets and businesses looking to invest across the region? Dr Martyn Davies, the managing director of emerging markets and Africa at Deloitte, unpacks more on this.

Africa Insights - Episode 6: High hopes for Africa’s auto sector

As African economies work to grow and diversify, one area of potential that stands out is investment in the Automotive sector. For years Africa countries have been importers of vehicles and yet demand for the same is growing, so why not rather invest in infrastructure that will enable the building of cars in their countries, create value chains, add an element of diversification to the economy and most importantly, in the process create skilled and quality jobs. Dr Martyn Davies, MD for emerging markets and Africa at Deloitte, talks about the potential and what needs to happen to make this possible.

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Africa Insights - Episode 5: Industry 4.0 to revolutionise manufacturing sector

Podcast The traditional manufacturing industry is said to be in the throes of a digital transformation, spurred by exponentially growing technology that is set to change the face of manufacturing as we know it. Dr Martyn Davies, MD for emerging markets and Africa at Deloitte, discusses Industry 4.0 and its implications for manufacturers.


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Africa Insights - Episode 4: Africa’s changing risk landscape

The risk landscape is fast changing as disruption, the networked economy and hyper-connectivity bring new risks and demand better response strategies. But risk today is no longer seen as something to fear, minimise or avoid – instead, consulting firm Deloitte says it can be used as a tool to create value and boost performance. Navin Sing, managing director of Deloitte’s Risk Advisory Africa practice, unpacks the details.

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Africa Insights - Episode 3: Building economic dynamism in South Africa

In this episode, we explore the importance of building economic dynamism in South Africa and what our government leaders should be prioritising to foster growth.

In light of the recent emerging market shocks, we discuss the importance of building economic dynamism in South Africa and what our government leaders should be doing to encourage growth. The key to building economic dynamism in South Africa at this juncture lies in investment and the intellectual property that comes with it.

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Africa Insights - Episode 2: State of the Nigerian Economy

In this episode, we’ll be exploring the state of the Nigerian economy. With a population of over 190 million people and a gross domestic product of over US$380bn, Nigeria is West Africa’s powerhouse. However, with the dramatic drop in oil prices and the country’s heavy reliance on this as its main source of revenue, Nigeria is on the look-out for a new business model. In this report, we delve into how the Nigerian government is committed to overcoming its overreliance on oil, as well as its new push to attract investment through policy changes that are aimed at creating an enabling environment.


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Africa Insights – Episode 1: Africa’s hidden gems

Dr Martyn Davies discusses some of Africa’s hidden economic gems. In the past, South Africa was always been seen as a powerhouse economy on the continent but with its sluggish growth rate over the few years a number of other African economies are starting to steal the limelight.

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