Agricultural opportunities in Africa

Crop farming in Ethiopia, Nigeria and Tanzania

Given Africa’s rising income levels and rapidly growing population, demand for food will soar in the medium term, creating new growth opportunities in agriculture.

Key takeouts from this report 

  • The pressure on Africa’s food supply will require substantial investment in order to guarantee food security, as Africa remains the only region yet to experience a “Green Revolution”. Most of this will come from private investment.
  • The question for investors is which countries provide the most agricultural opportunities? 
  • The report explores crop production and value chain opportunities and finds that three crops in three countries – namely wheat in Ethiopia, cassava in Nigeria and maize in Tanzania – have considerable investment potential.
  • The report also assesses the risks and challenges involved in production of the identified crops in the respective territories.
  • Each crop’s value chain is assessed, and gaps are identified that can be filled through private investment, as well as issues that need to be addressed to enable greater foreign investment.

What our experts say 

Africa remains the only region yet to experience a “Green Revolution”

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