Brics Summit


The 15 Year Review

A Review of South Africa’s Trade and Investment Relationship with BRIC

BRICS has become the global ranking standard for the first tier of emerging markets. What began as a loose grouping of sizeable developing countries with robust long-term growth trajectories is now increasingly becoming a geo-economic grouping of states seeking common economic interests. Its loose alliance is becoming more coherent in the face of current global trade tensions and anti-globalisation sentiments.

The world is indeed rapidly changing, creating both arising challenges and new opportunities for developing countries and the broader Africa region alike. How these are managed and grasped will shape our respective economic futures. Good political governance and management must always apply, and this will determine a country’s economic success.

In support of the Department of Trade & Industry, Deloitte is proud to be the Knowledge Partner of the BRICS Business Forum at this 10th BRICS Summit in Johannesburg. We look forward to supporting BRICS companies and governments in their endeavours to expand their relationships with each other into the future.

The report covers the following themes:

  • Key Highlights of South Africa’s Trade and Investment
  • Relationship with BRIC Since 2001
  • Key Agreements Supporting Trade and Investment Between South Africa and BRIC
  • Trade Developments
  • Investment Developments
  • Key Takeouts on South Africa’s Trade and Investment Relations with BRIC Since 2001
  • Doing Business in BRICS

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