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Gearing for Growth: Achieving the Elusive Trinity of (Re) industrialisation, Productivity and Employment.

The Gearing for Growth seminars are a series of four flagship seminars that enable the sharing of intellectual capital, while proposing best practice ideas and insights to support renewed growth of the South African economy. While poverty, inequality and unemployment are key challenges in the economy, there is still disagreement surrounding the necessary steps that need to be taken to rectify these issues. Click here for more.


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Gearing for Growth

Deloitte is proud to announce the launch of our Gearing for Growth series – proposing best practice ideas and insights to support renewed growth of the South African economy.It is essential that we grow our economy in South Africa. Sluggish rates of economic growth are unacceptably low and far below the global average, forecast at 3.9% in 2018.   

There are now political tailwinds for improved GDP growth but the imperative for structural reform remains.But what needs to be done practically to kick-start economic growth? Growth is ultimately the enabler of business, development and social upliftment.  

Deloitte Africa will be hosting the Gearing for Growth series of quarterly seminars to bring together the stakeholders that will seek to drive renewed growth in the South African economy. Click here for more.

Africa in 2018 Outlook

Rich countries but poor populations. This is the paradox of Africa. Future growth in South Africa and Africa must be “inclusive”. What does this really mean? A new Africa must emerge, one that caters for all and moves beyond headline quantitative growth to real qualitative growth, supported by the creation of businesses and driven by rising middle-class societies.

Beyond commodity dependency, African economies continue to strive toward a structural reset – some more progressive than others. With the global macro economy recovering and many commodity prices rising, Africa’s growth outlook looks more stable after a tough three years. The imperative of better governance will remain this coming year. But what of new technologies and private entrepreneurship that is creating new business models and innovative commercial practices at the so-called “base of the pyramid” in Africa’s frontier markets?  Click here to read more.

Africa in 2017: Shaping the continent's future

With vast untapped resources and favourable demographics Africa's potential has been highlighted many times. For instance the African Development Bank (AfDB) states that Africa has just over 30% of the world’s mineral resources and half of the continent’s one billion people will be of working age by 2020. Click here to read more

Deloitte at the World Economic Forum on Africa 2017

Connecting Africa’s Resources through Digital Transformation

Deloitte’s participation as a strategic partner at the WEF on Africa regional summit helped to produce fresh ideas, spark needed debate and offer forward-thinking approaches to some of the most vexing issues confronting business, government and civil society. As a Strategic Partner, we contributed to and participated in the World Economic Forum on Africa regional summit, which was hosted in Durban from 3 – 5 May 2017. Click here to read more

Deloitte Risk Conference 2017

We are living in turbulent and uncertain times. The global economic outlook is uncertain for developed markets which struggle to find a robust growth model, whilst in Africa growth is either subdued or below recent trends. The South African economy remains mired in political disarray, policy drift and a lack of any real growth. Risk is dominating every aspect of our thinking and has become increasingly critical in informing our decisions. Joined by South Africa’s leading companies and thought leaders to consider how African and multinational organisations respond to Risks in times of uncertainty. This conference unpacked the strategies that need to be considered, designed and implemented for companies to be successful despite the current headwinds. Click here to read more

2016 Deloitte Africa Risk Conference

The Deloitte Africa Risk Conference is designed to give participants the opportunity to understand the Africa risk landscape and to continue the dialogue on how businesses may navigate the African continent and how to chart the path of success in light of these risks. The deliberations on risk in Africa at present are relevant given the socio-economic instabilities at a local, regional and international level. Click here to read more