Deloitte at World Economic Forum, Kigali, Rwanda

Connecting Africa’s Resources through Digital Transformation

Deloitte’s participation as a strategic partner at the WEF on Africa regional summit will help to produce fresh ideas, spark needed debate and offer forward-thinking approaches to some of the most vexing issues confronting business, government and civil society. As a Strategic Partner, we will be contributing to and participating in the World Economic Forum on Africa regional summit, which will be hosted in Rwanda from 11-13 May 2016. This year the focus will be “Connecting Africa’s Resources through Digital Transformation” and a critical component of this remains: How does African business achieve continued growth and development, now and in to the future?

Becoming an African Champion: Ingredients for business success

As early entrants, African Champions have a home ground advantage and deep understanding of the ins and outs of African markets, as well as the agility to adapt quickly to the challenges and ever evolving business environment on the continent.

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Dirt to Data

The postwar transformation of agriculture saved more than a billion people from starvation—with serious unintended environmental costs. Now, a second revolution, built largely on technologies that comprise the Internet of Things, promises to make the farm of the future more productive and efficient.

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The World Economic Forum on Africa 2016

Why is innovation important for the growth of African businesses? Deloitte at the World Economic Forum on Africa, 2016. Watch the video

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