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A stable springboard into West Africa

After yet another peaceful election, Ghana continues to uphold its reputation in Africa as one of the continent’s few strong and politically stable democracies. Ghana’s recent peaceful democratic transition has reignited investor confidence in the country, especially with the new government’s pro-business stance.

Key take outs from this report 

  • Political stability: Ghana is one of the most stable democracies on the continent and provides investors with a peaceful and predictable operating environment, serving as a key point of entry into West Africa.
  • Economic growth: After reaching a low of 3.5% in 2016 economic growth is expected to improve substantially between 2017 and 2021. This improvement is expected to be largely driven by the services sector, specifically industries such as telecommunications, FMCGs and financial services.
  • Debt obligations: Though the country is currently facing a huge fiscal overhang, the Ghanaian government’s renewed commitment towards fiscal prudence, together with an anticipated rebound in oil export revenues is expected to see Ghana better manage its fiscal challenges and debt obligations over the medium term.
  • Pro-business stance: As Ghana increasingly seeks to boost economic growth and subsequently address poverty and inequality, its government is now focused on improving the business environment to strengthen private sector participation through various investment promotion policies and pro-business reforms.

What our experts say

“Ghana continues to uphold its reputation as one of Africa’s few politically stable democracies and provides foreign investors with the most predictable entry point into West Africa.”

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