Mozambique’s Economic Outlook

Governance challenges holding back economic potential

Despite the country’s current debt conundrum, the projected economic boom associated with the development of the gas sector is expected to have multiple positive externalities for the economy, and provide numerous opportunities for firms looking to expand into Mozambique.

Key Learnings from the Report

  • Mozambique’s five-year growth outlook remains relatively stable at an average of 4.8% per annum and despite its current debt crisis is expected to further accelerate post 2021 should LNG projects take off.
  • Key sectors poised for growth include manufacturing, agriculture, infrastructure, real estate, and financial services. Various incentives exist for prospective investors based on investment location and activity.
  • In line with its current stance of fiscal tightening and the ongoing debt crisis, reforms are likely to see the privatisation of a number of state-owned enterprises, presenting significant opportunities for investors.
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