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Africa is on the rise as a preferred destination for investment, with many African economies showing significant and sustained growth. As a partner to clients across Africa, we too have navigated our own way through integrating 15 country practices into one Pan-African firm. This first-hand experience has been invaluable, placing us is a unique position to advise our clients throughout the continent.

Whether clients are looking to enter Africa for the first time, expanding current investment portfolios or looking for suitable partners to grow their footprint, our broad range of skill sets and various unique value propositions allow us to guide our clients through managing risks, taking advantage of opportunities and making a meaningful impact in Africa.

Where to play? How to Play?

Understanding the opportunity landscape

Conduct market entry assessment

Conduct security risk assessment

Consider tax and incentives risks and opportunities

Entry by merger & acquisition

Assess the need for transaction services and valuations

Entry through establishing own in-country operations

Raising capital

Assess the need for corporate secretarial services

Post-merger integration (PMI)/New operation development

Managing your risks at an operational level

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