Deloitte Risk Conference 2019 Summary Report

The State of Governance & Ethical Leadership

The organisation’s leadership is the driver in creating and maintaining an ethical business culture. The role of ethical leadership, has therefore, become critical.

This Deloitte Risk Conference themed “The State of Governance and Ethical Leadership”, aimed to unpack the issue of poor governance, and shared ideas with the hope of reigniting a culture of effective governance and ethical leadership. We believe this can be achieved if corporate citizens reverse the trend of moral decay and the ethical deficit plaguing our country and our continent.

Below are key pointers from the discussion:

  • Take the leadership appointment process seriously
  • Its emparitive to create a culture of accountability and responsibilty
  • Deal with corruption swiftly and decisively
  • Different kinds of risk dominate every part of our lives, impacting not only our organisations but the sub-Saharan African (SSA) economy at large
  • As AI makes more decisions daily, data ethics becomes more of a concern for organisations, further adding to the complexity of risk management
  • Poor governance, corruption and fraud are the major elements plaguing growth in the country, in organisations, and our people.

What the experts say:

“It is up to us as South Africans to ensure we become a country where leaders practice good governance and ethical leadership. We should aspire towards using this national crisis of poor governance and widespread corruption as an opportunity ‘to clean up’ the country, otherwise we might be looked upon atrociously as another failed state.”

Deloitte RIsk Conference 2019 Summary Report
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