A Leader among Africa’s Emerging Markets

Despite global economic and financial uncertainties, Tanzania has recorded an annual average growth rate of more than 6% over the past decade and is on course to sustain a high growth trajectory going forward.

Underpinned by favourable demographics and supported by a government that is showing signs of principled leadership with intentions to invest in education, skills transfers and infrastructure to drive growth, Tanzania is well-positioned to continue on its current rapid growth path. Its young and culturally-diverse population of more than 50 million makes it eastern Africa’s second most-populous nation after Ethiopia; expected to reach almost 83 million by 2030.

The Deloitte Africa October 2016 publication on Tanzania provides a high-level overview of some of the key trends that make Tanzania a leader amongst Africa’s emerging markets.

In this report we highlight:

  • Tanzania remains a growth star both in the continent and in the East African region.
  • Given Tanzania’s strategic location, the country is looking to better the investment climate by improving governance, cracking down on corruption, improving public sector efficiency and building international partnerships.
  • Investment opportunities lie across a diverse sector spectrum to include manufacturing, agriculture, mining, energy, construction and tourism.
  • To facilitate foreign investment, the government of Tanzania has resolved to allow 100% foreign ownership of companies listed on the domestic stock exchange for instance and has established tax and other incentives that are designed to encourage and support investment projects in Tanzania.

How can Deloitte help:

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