Deloitte Africa Services

Deloitte Business Process Solutions

We help clients achieve success by tailoring our services to their exact needs. We bring in trained professionals to execute and deliver. We do this using unique processes to help streamline productivity, improve efficiency, enhance service delivery and reduce operational costs whilst using best-in-class technology, enabling them to focus more on their core business, knowing they’re in good hands.

 Our solutions include Finance and Accounting, Integrated Operations Delivery, Human Resources and Payroll Services, and Technology Enablement. In addition to this, we also offer highly specialised signature solutions such as the Integrated Management Office for Capital Projects, Source-to-Pay, Enterprise Supplier Development and Smart Real Estate. Click here for more

Deloitte Consulting

At Deloitte Consulting we specialise in identifying and unlocking opportunities that will deliver sustainable results for our clients across Africa. As a collection of powerful teams, Deloitte Consulting is able to offer a full suite of services that includes Strategy & Innovation, Technology, Human Capital, Public Sector Solutions and Deloitte Digital. Click here for more

Deloitte Tax Services

Tax. Such a small word yet one that can have a multitude of implications for any business. To help our clients navigate the complexities and manage the workload of remaining tax compliant, Deloitte offers a broad range of fully integrated tax services.

Our tax services are commonly bundled with finance and accounting to create turnkey compliance and reporting solutions designed to work for your business. Deloitte is ideally positioned to offer extensive regional reach supported by local depth of knowledge and experience, providing your business with the transparency and flexibility needed to address a full range of local and regional tax needs. Click here for more

Deloitte Audit and Assurance

At Deloitte, our Audit and Assurance service entails so much more than just financial reporting and the meeting of statutory requirements. Our experienced audit professionals are constantly endeavouring to understand our clients’ business, as well as the industries in which they operate, helping them identify risks and opportunities.

The Deloitte Audit practice has a long standing reputation for providing an efficient risk based Audit service, independent approach and world-class expertise to our clients. We are renowned in the marketplace for our innovative and collaborative culture and commitment to delivering an outstanding quality of client service. Over the years we have taken a step beyond being auditors and have become trusted business advisors to our clients. Click here for more

Deloitte Risk Advisory

In business there can be no reward without risk. The key, however, is to manage risk in all its varied forms in a manner that maximises the performance of an organisation’s business operations. Deloitte Risk Advisory specialises in developing signature solutions for our clients that do just that. Using a range of unique proprietary tools, we pre-empt with hindsight, design with insight and implement with foresight to transition our clients to ambitious growth.

The value that Deloitte Risk Advisory creates for organisations is synonymous with operational excellence. Our goal is to maximise the performance of internal business operations by identifying, predicting, resolving and mitigating imminent threats and obstacles as well as enhancing the value of these operations. Click here for more

Corporate Finance

Our team specialises in taking facts and figures and then adding insight and expertise to maximise value and impact for our clients. Our integrated approach means our clients enjoy ‘one point of call’ that encompasses every aspect of a transaction.

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