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When a wealth management company wanted to focus their investment

Deloitte Analytics found the ideal customers inside their data

The member firm client, a leader in the Superannuation and Wealth Management sector, had been investing in a clear strategy for growth. As part of this strategy, they identified High Net Worth Individuals as a key market segment for growth, but they lacked the strategic insight to execute.

Using data analytics techniques, the member firm analytics team developed a granular segmentation model of customer behaviors. As a result, the member firm client was able to identify three niche segments that offered the greatest potential for growth. With a clearer picture of their customers, they also gained valuable insights that allowed them to define clear and differentiated strategies for execution.


The key challenge facing the member firm client was where to focus their investment for optimal growth. They had undertaken a market survey that provided a basic three-way variable segmentation model, but it lacked the granularity and specificity to truly determine where to focus in the market. In short, they wanted to know who their ‘ideal’ client was and how they could identify those clients easily and accurately.

The challenge

The member firm team was engaged to assist the organization define those niche customer segments that would form the foundation for growth. Using data analytic techniques, survey data was analyzed and data existing within the organization to develop a granular segmentation model of customer behaviors.

The model considered over 300 customer attributes, spanning measures of investable income, age, geography, and socio-economic status.It also considered behavioral needs and attitudinal measures related to financial literacy, willingness to accept financial advice, drivers of time, and emotive behaviors such as risk appetite for investing.

An artificial intelligence technique was adopted that observed patterns of behavior across the customer base to define 30 granular segments of customer opportunity. This allowed the member firm client to focus on three niche segments that offered the greatest potential for growth. It also provided the customer insight to define a clear strategy for execution based on the needs of the customer.

How analytics helped

It was the team’s ability to extract and analyze the data in a different way, and at a granular level, that enabled the transition from a ‘high-level view’ to one that provided a definitive strategy for execution. The member firm client is actively using the model as part of its recruitment strategy for financial planners, and in identifying and sourcing the customers that represent these high-value segments.

As a result, the member firm client is able to differentiate with a distinct value proposition for improved conversion and ultimate growth.

The solution

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