Chris, Senior Analyst

Financial Advisory, Australia

I am a born problem solver. There’s nothing I like more than picking up a problem, spending some time digging until I get to the heart of the issue, and then working to build a solution. Some of my best days are spent writing hundreds of lines of code that ultimately transform useless data into information that can be used to gain insight.

I have about 14 years of SAS programming experience in the banking, CRM, consulting and public sector areas. My role at Deloitte Australia is varied. It mostly entails writing and running SAS code to process data for my colleagues to analyze. I’m also responsible for call sequencing work, such as laying out the routes that sales reps take to visit each of their assigned stores in an optimal way. This process uses specialized software that takes the geocoded addresses and sequences the calls into an order that will minimize the time spent on the road. Finally, I’m also responsible for passing on this knowledge to others within the team, quality checking work and generally supporting my colleagues.

My most memorable project has been my toughest challenge to date. It involved large quantities of extremely poor quality data in a variety of formats, with tight deadlines – a very challenging combination. To find a solution, I worked at the client site for six weeks which was a new experience for me. It was a very strong learning experience, helping me to gain perspective on the way my skill sets can be used in other projects. I also found ways to improve the overall quality of the client experience.

Deloitte Australia is a great place to work because of the development opportunities it provides and most of all because of the challenging diverse culture. There is a wide variety of work available within the Deloitte Australia team, and a lot of potential to get involved in learning new skill sets, software and methodologies. The culture within our team is very friendly and open, and anyone is able to stand up and contribute, whether by getting involved in a project, accessing training materials, presenting something interesting to the team, or even making suggestions to improve efficiency or quality. If you’re prepared to be brave and jump in at the deep end, you can do a lot here.

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