Doug, Partner

Tax, Canada

I enjoy the challenge of solving puzzles for clients; finding and piecing together the right elements of data out of the tremendous volumes generated daily in order to provide fresh insight into a client’s business. I am motivated to help my clients uncover new insights that provide considerable strategic and tactical advantages.

My role is to generate tax analytics solutions by bringing together the right Deloitte Canada Tax and IT professional team for the client. Together we work across a range of data, from the more traditional accounts payable area to the relatively new tax analytics capability around billing data and risk-based data mining.

It’s too difficult to select one memorable project in my time with Deloitte Canada. It is incredibly satisfying to be part of a successful team generating millions of dollars in tax recoveries or securing the first managed tax analytics solution involving POS data mined for tax recoveries, or pitching for related billing work thanks to our newly developed qualifications and credentials. I am proud to be part of a Tax Analytics team which has developed a successful tax data acquisition process that has been recognized and adopted by colleagues in member firms around the world.

When I joined Deloitte Canada I never expected to interact with so many colleagues across the globe. Working with analytics, I have enjoyed interactions with Tax counterparts in many countries including the U.S., Australia, U.K., The Netherlands and Singapore.

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