Heiko, Art Director

Consulting, Australia

As an Art Director in the creative team of the Deloitte Australia Online Practice, I am responsible for shaping and defining the creative direction and the production of visual assets for our online projects. This is ranges from creative concepts and prototypes, to wireframes and detailed creative treatments, including web site design, mobile applications, and interactive interfaces. My job never gets boring. I enjoy the diversity of people and skill sets, the diverse mix of clients and projects, and the career opportunities a place like Deloitte Australia can offer.

Most of my industry experience has come from working on a wide range of projects with a variety of clients. I try to stay informed about the latest trends and development via my Google Reader feeds, Twitter, and blogs. I have come to realise the value of data in the information age we live in, and that good interface design can play a crucial role in communicating information in a more meaningful way and allow the data to tell a story.

I recently spent 18 months working as the lead designer on the AsOne initiative which in a nutshell looks at collective action and different modes of working together. I was responsible for the design of various online applications and websites, including the AsOne diagnostic interface, AsOne public website, online survey planner, and mobile applications. The diagnostic interface has been the largest data visualization exercise ever undertaken at Deloitte Australia. It has been a fantastic experience working with team members from various departments both within Australia and overseas. I have gained many new connections and friends along the way. This has been a great example what is possible when you get Deloitte member firm practitioners from different service lines and backgrounds working together ‘as one’.

I think that what makes Deloitte special is being part of something bigger, having access to a global pool of highly talented and motivated professionals who excel in their fields. Some very interesting things can happen at the intersection of technology, design and strategy, and all these things can be found at Deloitte member firms. So much so that when I joined I never expected to stay as long as I have.

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