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Simon, Innovation Manager

Deloitte Digital, Australia

A good dataset is like a puzzle waiting to be solved. The same dataset can be queried in so many different ways, or mashed up with other sets, to provide new insights. There is always something new to discover.

My role requires me to help others develop ideas so that Deloitte Australia can be more innovative, we can assist our clients to be more innovative, and we can contribute to shaping innovation in Australia. This means helping ideas move smoothly as well as inspiring others through the introduction of new and interesting ideas, technologies, and techniques.  As an Innovation Manager, my most useful industry knowledge has come from being able to work across service lines and get exposure to clients in different industries.

When I joined Deloitte Australia, I had previously worked in completely different areas. This combination of fresh eyes and access to the business as a whole has allowed me to look differently at our services and to incorporate my own version of analytics into what I do.

My most memorable project to date has been the Data Visualization Eye Opener events, where we introduced the idea of visualization to the firm to demonstrate in a traditional environment, different ways of illustrating the insights from data. It was quite a challenge, particularly with such a new concept at the time.

When I joined Deloitte Australia,  I joined an extremely well-established global network with the willingness to explore new and interesting ideas. The Deloitte brand is a great calling card whether it’s on campus or in the business environment and we actively work across communities to generate new ideas to help us grow.  When I joined Deloitte I never expected to continually find new and exciting projects to work on.

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