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Chris, Partner

Audit, Canada

We are at the early stages of integrating analytics across Deloitte Canada’s Audit practice, and we’re already seeing the effects that this fact-based approach has on the way our people address client issues. I am motivated to rapidly expand our analytics capabilities to help unlock the power of data for our clients.


As an Audit partner, I am focused on how we can embed analytics in everything we do within Deloitte Canada’s Audit practice. When we achieve this, we will have a unique opportunity to really differentiate the audit experience for our clients and our people.

One of my most memorable projects was when I worked to support a client that was experiencing negative effects from their in-house investment administration system. Our team ran analytics that allowed us to identify errors, such as highlighting clients who had been double credited for investments, including one individual who withdrew this ‘windfall‘ to pay off debts. Through our work, the client was able to recover millions of dollars that might have otherwise been lost. This experience taught me the value that we can bring to our clients with analytics in conjunction with audit.

The Deloitte brand stands out in the Canadian market because we are building upon the power of analytics as a core platform to transform our audits. I believe this will lead to a truly differentiated audit experience for our clients as well as our people. Going to market with the first mover advantage will help Deloitte Canada truly distinguish the Deloitte brand from competitors in Canada. When I first joined Deloitte Canada I never expected to keep learning so much, even after 17 years. I really enjoy the dynamic and challenging environment in which we work.

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