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Prayas, Senior Manager

Enterprise Risk Services, Middle East

In my role, I direct and manage the delivery of data risk-related service offerings to cross-industry clients in the Middle East. I have to be able to understand complex client issues from executive and operational perspectives, create value propositions that deliver targeted insights, and focus on fulfilment of key client objectives. All this is done while servicing some of the leading regional and global organizations based in the Middle East.

My industry experiences keep me closely aligned with what the businesses need. Their challenges and objectives must always be kept central to our scope of work as consultants.  My most memorable project was a data conversion review assessment for a large bank in the Middle East. Our work contributed to their conversion methodology, processes and overall success of the implementation.

When I joined, I never expected I that I would gain so much experience across the remarkably diverse marketplace that is the Middle East, that analytics would become a major driving force for our firm, and that I would be a recognized member of this immensely talented team of hard-working professionals.


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