Business processes in a digital native enterprise will be differ radically from traditional organizations and hence Knowledge management needs to be aligned accordingly. 

Digital native enterprises will require adjusted knowledge management strategies, processes and operating models. 

Clearly defined knowledge management strategies enable operational and business processes in organisations. These knowledge management strategies aim at the codification and personalisation of knowledge. In the digital native enterprise the operational and business processes will be dependent on knowledge processes aimed at transforming big data into knowledge. Data will be created by sensors, transmitted to actuators, and analysed in a cloud-based cyber-physical system. This requires a re-conceptualisation of the relevance and positioning of Knowledge management and strategies aimed at managing knowledge assets in digital native enterprise. Furthermore, data will be located in devices, equipment and more progressively in machines in the proximity of humans.  


Key Takeouts:

Organizations need to reconceptualise their knowledge management strategies and processes. Furthermore, digital Knowledge management will require different processes and initiatives from knowledge managers and hence the afore will impact on the skillsets of knowledge managers. 

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