Digital Financial Services solutions

Our value proposition is to assist businesses as they transform into financial services providers in the new digital economy

Our services will be provided in four key value areas:

Digital Strategy
Growing connectivity, competition and consumer power, “disrupt others before you are disrupted” means new engagements, new products, new business models, organisations, and ecosystems. Digital strategy helps companies identify new growth opportunities and potential disruptive threats that result from exponential change (“where to play”), and help companies determine how to leverage digital capabilities in new and different ways (“how to win”) to succeed and flourish in a digital era

Digital Organisation
The Digital Organisation enables digital within an enterprise by activating networked teams and leaders, creating desired employee experiences, engaging employees with intuitive solutions, and establishing a culture of agility and smart risk-taking

Digital Platform
Smart business starts with a smart core. New technologies and competitive pressures impose mounting client urgency to digitise everything throughout the organisation, including challenging legacy core functions. Implementing digital solutions specifically focused on Finance, Supply Chain, IT Infrastructure and Organisation Management is a Digital Enterprise imperative

Digital Customer Engagement
Market disruption and increasing consumer power has forced companies to compete in a new arena: Customer Experience. Turning this into business advantage requires a truly customer-centric strategy, design, and technology that runs throughout the entire organisation

Key Contact

Thys Bruwer

Thys Bruwer


Thys is the Digital Financial Services lead in Core Business operations, Consulting Africa. With over 25 years of experience, Thys has worked extensively in designing and implementing Banking and Insu... More