2012 Deloitte energy conference

Solving the energy equation: Demand, supply, infrastructure

May 21-22 2012, Washington D.C. USA

Conference summary report

The dialogue at the 2012 Deloitte Energy Conference was thought-provoking as speakers discussed the variables in the energy equation and speculated about what types of strategy, innovation and investment will be needed to balance them. Throughout the day, speakers challenged themselves to describe the future energy landscape and shared their opinions on the opportunities it might bring. They also discussed the implications of the shale gas revolution and debated the policy decisions and infrastructure investments required to keep it going—all while spurring technological innovation to support the cleaner use of fossil fuels as well as the development of renewables.

The discussions spanned markets, policy, public affairs, the investment climate, geopolitics and technology, as speakers emphasized that the world is going to need every existing source of energy, plus several new ones, in order to meet the needs of a growing global population and a rising middle class in developing nations.

The audience too played an active role, contributing insights and posing stimulating questions. Throughout the Conference, sessions were intriguing, and often triggered active discourse from the audience as well as among the speakers themselves. We are pleased to provide you with this report of our speakers’ views and presentations.

2012 Deloitte Energy Conference
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