Africa Construction Trends 2018

If you want to prosper, first build roads

We are pleased to release the 2018 edition of the Africa Construction Trends (ACT) report, which includes 482 projects valued at US$50m or above, that had broken ground by 1 June 2018. In total, these projects are worth US$471bn

Key takeouts from this report

This year’s report focusses on the role of China in Africa and in particular what the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) means, contributes and promises to many African governments.

What our experts say 

The impact of infrastructure cannot be overemphasised, and the challenges facing governments providing and enabling private sector development and involvement in infrastructure is still important. This report looks at the infrastructure gap and how governments have been spending on projects to try and address this gap. Projects are analysed across Africa, and per region. Areas of analysis include ownership, and in Africa government plays a significant role.

Another factor is funding, a discussion which unpacks the role of both private and public sector institutions, in particular development finance institutions (DFIs) and China. What is noticeable is the relatively low funding by African DFIs compared to others. We also look at who builds, and the rise of foreign contractors who are beginning to overshadow local contractors.

How can Deloitte help 

Deloitte teams have advised on many of the world’s most complex infrastructure and capital projects. Our teams advise clients across the lifecycle of an infrastructure asset and other large capital projects, so investors, project developers/sponsors and operators in both the public and private sectors can take every step with confidence


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