Africa's Minerals

A Geological Perspective

Venmyn Deloitte believes that African countries have vast untapped mineral potential. Venmyn Deloitte encourages investors, funders and project owners to explore the richness of the continent using its country summaries.

Nigeria's mineral wealth

The domestic Nigerian mining industry is underdeveloped, with the mining of minerals contributing a mere 0.3% of the nation's GDP. However, the country is believed to have significant coal, limestone, iron ore, zinc and gold deposits, among many other mineral commodities. In addition, President Muhammadu Buhari has committed to boost investment into the agricultural and mining sectors and encourage further development of the manufacturing sector. 

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The potential of Mozambique

The extractive sector, and particularly coal mining, had been responsible for 3.6% of Mozambique’s gross domestic product in 2013. However, like much of the global mining sector, the resources sector in the country has been affected by falling commodity prices. In addition, the Mozambique coal sector has been hurt by poor port and rail infrastructure.

The hope is, however, that, once commodity prices improve, coal, along with gas and various other mineral commodities, will continue to be a source of revenue for the country. 

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