Australian investment into Africa

A change in direction

The Investing in African Mining Indaba conference continues to be one of the world’s most significant mining investment events, driven largely by the fact that Africa is estimated to contain up to 30% of the world’s mineral resources, underpinning not only its current importance but hopefully its relevance for years to come.

In this special edition of the Deloitte WA Index, we highlight a number of emerging issues and areas of interest for those currently operatingin or planning to enter the African market:

Australia’s changing investment into Africa – the focus shifts to oil and gas?

We review the changing face of Australian investment into Africa, and the impact that commodity price volatility, political and health and safety issues have had over recent years, and the steady growth in Australian oil and gas investment in the continent.

Southern African Coal: Black Hole or Black Gold?

We consider the increasing importance of government policies in relation to Independent Power Producers (IPPs) for companies with existing Southern African coal assets, or considering investing in them, given the challenging pricing for thermal coal, and the fact that high quality deposits are often located in remote regions with poor transport infrastructure.

African tailings: liability or asset?

We take a look at the potential value of these often overlooked assets which have built-up across Africa, and as a result of technological developments may be an increasing source of value for companies given today’s challenging economic conditions, where capital can be hard to come by, and quick payback is increasingly important.

Welcome to the third African Mining Indaba special edition of the Deloitte WA Stock Exchange Index
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