Getting Smart Grid Customers Plugged In


Getting Smart Grid Customers Plugged In

Motivating change through mobile and social technology

With the transition to Smart Grid, electric utilities are facing what may be the biggest change in the industry since coalescing around Alternating Current (AC) as the U.S. standard. This shift will not only bring about a technical revolution, but will result in major changes for the energy consumer.

There is universal agreement that effective consumer engagement is important to effective implementations, yet many utilities continue to struggle with interacting effectively across their customer base. Smart Grid represents a fundamental change in the relationship between the utility and its customer base, and therefore, necessitates a new level of consumer commitment.

Getting Smart Grid customers plugged in

This report provides insights for utilities in the following areas:

  • assess and identify the maturity of your current customer engagement strategies;
  • learn how to integrate leading technologies into a broad engagement strategy while simultaneously building and/or expanding analytics capabilities; and
  • review practical applications of Smart Grid customer engagement through social media and mobile applications.

To maintain and grow their customer base, utilities should consider adopting a strategic approach to customer engagement that will drive greater levels of customer commitment. This report lays out the rationale for this approach and provides an executable framework to achieve a new level of customer engagement.

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