Intelligent Mining 2.0

Delivering real value through integrated information

A year on from the launch of our Intelligent Mining solution, mining companies globally are illustrating progress in their digital journeys. The real winners have shown value by first focussing on integrating information – leveraging technology to digitise assets, managing operations by exception (by focusing on deviations to plan) and making better system-wide decisions. The estimated value case of 20-30% improvement stands true, and in some instances have been proven as conservative.

We have supported organisations through implementation of integrated solutions, inclusive of laying foundational technology such as IOT as well as the significant organisational transformation related to implementing new capabilities and new ways of work.

Our approach to integrating information starts by designing an end state Digital Nerve Centre and Intelligent Boardroom for your operation and organisation based on our preconfigured solutions and integrated data model. We work with your team to adapt the solution towards the key value drivers for your business, understanding what data is digitally available and what is not. Our solutions are deployable within a matter of weeks based on the available data, and supported by a roadmap of underlying technology requirements to solve for your key issues.

Deloitte Intelligent Mining 2.0 infographic
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