Tracking the Trends in Mining

The top ten issues mining companies will face this year

Uncover the pressing trends facing the mining industry in Tracking the trends 2014, the sixth edition of this annual report. In addition to highlighting key industry indicators, our global mining professionals share a range of strategies that companies can adopt to manage these challenges.

Tracking the Trends in Mining

While mining companies are no strangers to volatility, 2013 stands out as a year of particularly significant shifts. Slower demand out of China and ongoing economic weakness in other parts of the world pushed down commodity prices and threatened to tip certain commodities into over-supply. Despite this softness, both operational and capital costs continued to rise and governments in many jurisdictions continued to demand outsized contributions from the natural resources sector. Companies, already struggling with the costs and risks of mining deeper deposits in more remote regions, floundered as a result, posting record levels of impairments amid shrinking share prices, revenues and profits.


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