The Importance of Geoethics

Conference Engages with Earth Scientists on this Issue

Venmyn Deloitte MD Andy Clay is one of the champions for the Global Geoscience Professionalism and Geoethics theme at the 35th International Geological Congress and encourages geoscientists to explore this topic.

The importance of geoethics has been underscored by the fact that “Global Geoscience Professionalism and Geoethics” is one of the themes of the 35th International Geological Congress, to be held in Cape Town between the 27th August and the 4th of September 2016.

Some of the subtopics that will be discussed as part of this congress are professional competencies, ethical practice and the integrity of scientific issues – issues that are deemed important for geoethics, the branch of ethics that deals with earth sciences.

“The relationship between scientific, academic and commercial report writing is caught in the topics catered for here. They are fundamental to ensuring the integrity of our profession,” says Venmyn Deloitte MD Andy Clay, who is one of the champions for the Global Geoscience Professionalism and Geoethics theme.

“The theme intends to stress the responsibilities of geoscientists in understanding the social, cultural and economic results of their work and the importance of the correct dissemination of scientific information,” he notes.

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Global Geoscience Professionalism and Geoethics


The Global Geoscience Professionalism and Geoethics theme at the  International Geological Congress has attracted a diverse slate of symposium proposals focusing on both professional geoscience practice and geoethics. The theme champions are hoping that the symposia proposed will attract a broad range of abstracts that will give rise not only to sessions examining specific topics in geoscience professionalism and geoethics but also to cross-cutting sessions that will encompass both topics and promote dialogue between these two communities.