Mineral ranking project under way

New service for funds

Venmyn Deloitte has found that funds need a mineral ranking service to determine which projects are worthy of further investment.

Venmyn Deloitte is completing a project ranking assessment for a fund, in which it is assessing numerous mineral projects located in many African countries to determine which projects are worthy of further investment. 

The prospective projects are ranked according to criteria such as geology, mineralogy, quality of available information, country risk, project status and project accessibility, among other criteria.

Venmyn Deloitte has also carried out an indicative valuation on the prospective projects to suggest parameters for negotiating terms.

In a second phase of the project, Venmyn Deloitte will undertake a due diligence on each of the projects to ascertain the potential development process and assist the client with the ranking of more projects located in various countries in Africa.

“The need for such a service has emerged as a result of many funds having a considerable number of projects in their portfolios, and needing a techno-economic assessment to determine which projects are worthy of further of investment and which are not,” confirms Venmyn Deloitte’s Gbenga Ojo.

To find out more about Venmyn Deloitte’s mineral project ranking service, please call Gbenga Ojo on +27 (0)11 517 4205