CFO Edge Events

Stay Ahead

There is no better way to stay current on important issues than by participating in our CFO Edge events. These events provide a unique opportunity for CFOs to network with peers, explore challenging issues, and share leading practices.


CFOs drive the agenda to discuss and respond to the toughest challenges they’re facing.

Up-to-the-minute issues

CFO Edge events cover content ranging from strategic intent, cash flow and investment priorities, political and business risk factors, growth opportunities in Africa, and more.

Peer-to-peer connections

CFOs across diverse industries share common challenges. That is why CFO Edge events set aside ample time for networking. Participants say this interaction is one of their favourite parts of the forum experience.

CFO South Africa

Deloitte is a proud partner to CFO South Africa—South Africa's leading community for finance professionals. CFO South Africa is the home of some of the most pre-eminent gatherings for CFOs. The demands placed on CFOs of the largest public and private companies have never been greater. The role and responsibilities have changed significantly over the last decade or so and become increasingly complex. Heightened levels of scrutiny, increased accountability and a more active investor community have placed all directors, and the CFO in particular, under even greater pressure. The Deloitte CFO Programme is established to help CFOs stay ahead in the face of the growing challenges and demands of their roles. Set to be recognised as the preeminent advisor to the CFO, our partnership with CFO South Africa will connect us to finance professionals through  CFO Awards, CFO Summits and Dinners to better equip them in their roles.

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