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CFO Programme

Bold initiatives and insights for one of the toughest jobs in the world

The CFO Programme brings together a multidisciplinary team of Deloitte leaders and subject matter specialists to help CFOs stay ahead in the face of growing challenges and demands. The Programme harnesses our organization’s broad capabilities to deliver forward thinking and fresh insights for CFOs

Deloitte’s vision is clear:

To be recognized as the pre-eminent advisor to the Chief Financial Officer.

Data Visualization: Why a picture can be worth a thousand clicks

CFOs have long been encouraged to become better "storytellers," by communicating important messages about company performance, strategy, and prospects not in the often technical language of finance, but in terms everyone in the organisation can understand. At the same time, finance departments are working ever harder to become true partners to the business, by providing metrics, KPIs, forecasts, and other critical information that can aid decision-making and help each function chart effective courses of action.

Both of those goals depend heavily on quality data, and there is no doubt that organisations today have access to more of it than ever before, both structured and unstructured, from internal and external sources. And, thanks to an expanding array of analytics tools and emerging cognitive technologies, finance is also able to leverage that data to attain new insights that can influence a range of tactical and strategic decisions.

But the sheer volume of data can be overwhelming, making analysis complex and often complicating efforts to tell a coherent story. That's especially true when the audience is not a savvy finance team member, but someone from another part of the organization who needs only a few critical pieces of information in order to evaluate current performance or make a decision.

Read how your finance reporting could be improved with data visualisation.

CFOs across the globe are being called upon to fill expanded leadership roles. Boards and CEOs want them to be strategic partners. In addition, CFOs increasingly have to oversee other critical operations, including information technology and human resource issues of their finance organisation. Given these demanding roles, it is not surprising that CFO turnover is high. That is why we created a powerful CFO Transition Lab experience to help newly appointed CFOs, including those with prior CFO experiences, make an efficient and effective transition.

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Special teams - A new way to deploy FP&A

Is it time to emulate what some leading organisations are already doing, and envision a new operating model for FP&A – one that dramatically elevates its contribution to the organisation? Technological innovations and increasing business expectations are creating an inflection point for finance, planning, and analysis (FP&A). Many CFOs may soon have to make a choice: adopt a new model that expands the function’s strategic role, or reduce its footprint as predictive analytics and other value-added capabilities migrate to front-line business units. To date, the experience of companies with more mature FP&A functions suggests that CFOs are choosing the former approach. As finance departments explore ways to partner with the business, the FP&A function is emerging, in many cases, as the pointy end of the spear. While many FP&A functions have been evolving in this general direction for some time, the impact of several technologies, from robotic process automation (RPA) to natural language generation, predictive analytics, and a range of self-service and mobile applications, is now so profound that the time may be ripe for senior finance leaders to think beyond mere evolution.

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Future smart: Why robotics changes everything

Robots are quickly and quietly becoming an integral part of the finance function .They are arriving in the form of a technology termed “robotic process automation,” aka “RPA,” with the emphasis squarely on the “PA.” These robots exist as software and are designed to automate a wide range of processes that tend to be repetitive, labor-intensive, and rule-based. RPA has been described as “a spreadsheet macro on steroids,” but that’s like comparing the cruise control function in cars to fully automated, driverless vehicles.

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CFO Programme offerings

Next Generation CFO Academy: Start Ahead

Finance executives nominated by their CFOs are offered this first-of-its-kind development and networking opportunity, which is designed to enhance the “next generation’s” ability to become a great CFO.

CFO Edge Events

Offered in scores of cities in nine countries, CFO Forums provide a unique opportunity for CFOs to network with peers, explore challenging issues and share leading practices.

CFO Transition Lab: Plan ahead

This powerful experience is designed to help newly appointed CFOs, including those with prior CFO experiences, make an efficient and effective transition.

Insights and ideas: Think ahead

CFO Lens

An app delivering easily digestible, CFO-centric information to your mobile device or computer to help you stay ahead of growing demands.

CFO Insights

The CFO Programme harnesses our organisation’s broad capabilities to deliver forward thinking and fresh insights for every stage of a CFO’s career—helping CFOs:

  • Manage the complexities of their roles
  • Tackle their company’s most compelling challenges
  • Adapt to strategic shifts in the market
Annual CFO Surveys

These annual surveys track the latest thinking and actions of CFOs that represent the largest and most influential companies in specific Pan-African countries.

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