Disruptive M&A

Are you ready to define your future?

Increasingly, market-leading companies are turning to Disruptive M&A to address technology shifts, changes in consumer behavior, and cross-sector convergence.

The business landscape is transforming faster than most businesses can adapt on their own, making Disruptive M&A the solution for established, market-leading companies that are looking to incorporate the agility of innovative start-ups into their company DNA.

Disruptive M&A includes a portfolio of collaboration structures, such as partnerships, joint ventures, buy-outs and corporate venturing, that allows companies to quickly unlock innovation-fueled growth to transform their business. These deals are about more than financial returns; they offer access to new technologies, talent and operating models.

Disruptive M&A deals are not only mired in complexity but usually lead businesses into unfamiliar territory where selecting the right opportunities may fall outside their fields of expertise. Deloitte works together with clients to help them explore the latest disruptions impacting their industry, identify which would complement their business objectives, and create a Disruptive M&A strategy that includes concrete deal opportunities.

With extensive experience and leveraging our network of Innovation Technology Hubs worldwide, Deloitte guides clients seamlessly through every aspect of the deal lifecycle, including sensing and matchmaking, investment types, due diligence, synergy assessment, valuation, modelling, structuring, synergy realisation and overall integration.

During the execution process, our highly experienced teams draw on knowledge, tools and resources that are unique to Deloitte. Our multidimensional methodology gives companies the agility of a start-up combined with the power of a market leader.

In Deloitte’s new perspective, Disruptive M&A: Are you ready to define your future?, we look at how companies can capture innovation-led growth by tapping into shifts in technology and consumer behavior, with a view toward the future landscape of their industry.

Key Take-outs:

As companies make strategic choices about which shifts are most likely to impact their businesses, identifying differentiating opportunities and determining whether to invest, buy, or collaborate will be key to succeeding in this new environment.


Deloitte can help provide a roadmap to future innovation-led growth. 

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