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Western Cape Funding Fair  

What is the Western Cape Funding Fair?
  • The Western Cape Funding Fair (WCFF) is a joint initiative between Deloitte Western Cape and the Department of Economic Development and Tourism (DEDAT). It is an exhibition and conference styled platform aimed at creating awareness and access to multiple funding organisations.
  • Deloitte and DEDAT are not direct funders of SMMEs but through the Western Cape Funding Fair seek to educate entrepreneurs and business owners on accessing finance, looking at opportunities available, investment readiness and typical issues affecting access to finance.
What can I expect at the Funding Fair?
  • You can expect to meet and engage representatives from various business support organisations and funding institutions (Development Finance Institutions, commercial banks, venture capital firms etc.).
  • You can expect to engage relevant content through topic presentations and discussion panels.
What stage must my business be at in order to attend?
  • The Funding Fair is open to all businesses and entrepreneurs who are seeking information on how to approach funding.
Who are the funders that will be represented at the Western Cape Funding Fair?
  • The funders will include, but will not be limited to commercial banks, economic development agencies, Development Finance Institutions, private equity firms, venture capital firms, angel investors, and companies wanting to develop their supply chains and willing to use their enterprise development funding. 
  • For further information on funding options available for your business we will have information available soon.
Can I pitch my idea to funders?
  • The formal pitching sessions will no longer form part of the Funding Fair. You will however, in your engagement with the various funders, have the opportunity to pitch your business idea to them or to set up a future engagement with them.  So prepare yourself for this engagement.

What can I expect at the Funding Fair?

  • An funder exhibition whereby you can meet funders
  • An expert speaker programme
  • Gaining insightful information regarding funding your business or project

What can I expect after the Funding Fair?
Investment Readiness Programme (intro)
  • Deloitte and DEDAT will host the Investment Readiness Programme, a series of interactive workshop styled engagements that will allow businesses actively seeking funding to:
    • Receive valuable insights into the funding landscape and, very importantly, funder expectations;
    • Engage with funders; and
    • Benefit from post workshop support that may include:
    • A readiness Gap Analysis
    • A review and advice on Business Model and Business Plan Development and
    • A financial analysis

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Western Cape Department of Economic Development and Tourism:

Peter-Jon Thebus
Tel: +27 21 483 9026

Deloitte contacts:

Lynn Mountford
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