Deloitte Africa Private Equity Confidence Report


Deloitte Africa Private Equity Confidence Report

Private Equity Confidence Survey - West, East and Southern Africa

The Survey garnered 117 detailed responses between December 2014 and February 2015 from Private Equity (PE) players in the continent’s three largest economic regions: Southern, East and West Africa. While the report showed that PE activity across all three regions is expected to increase, 83% of West African respondents and 79% of East African respondents anticipate higher overall PE market activity in 2015 compared to a more muted, but still positive 67% in Southern Africa.

The 2015 Africa PECS revealed that respondents in all three regions are heavily focussed on acquiring new assets in 2015, with those in East and West Africa exhibiting a particular propensity for increased investment. A massive 83% of respondents in West Africa and 71% in East Africa expect to invest more of their this year, compared to 52% in Southern Africa.

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