Corporate Finance Advisory Services

Multidisciplinary specialists, comprehensive solutions

The Deloitte Advisory team aims to provide an integrated and collaborative approach to delivering comprehensive solutions to its clients, through a wide range of corporate finance advisory services.

Whether you are buying or selling a business or part thereof, conducting a black economic empowerment transaction, raising finance, or listing on or delisting from the JSE, we will design and execute a process that meets your specific objectives. As your lead transaction advisor, Deloitte strives to produce results that effectively maximise value for stakeholders and reduce the risks that are inherent to the transaction.

We pride ourselves on our well established relationships, local and global networks, resources and team of experienced corporate finance professionals with a diverse skill-set and extensive experience.

The advisory team includes chartered accountants, bankers, economists, engineers, modellers, and researchers - all with definitive sector expertise in a range of fields.



Mergers and Acquisition Advisory

Support from inception to completion, and beyond

If you are considering a disposal or acquisition of a business, our dedicated M&A team will support you with financial and strategic advice from inception of the transaction through to completion. We aim to provide complete and comprehensive solutions by leveraging our sector specialist teams and experts from other business divisions within the firm, including Tax, Legal and Consulting to provide independent, objective and focused strategic advice and analysis.

Through our in-depth understanding of deal-making we are able to offer a well-rounded approach to both sell-side and buy-side market participants. These include advising corporates, entrepreneurs and private equity players on M&A and debt & capital market transactions.

We have an extensive local and global network, with a specific focus on Africa. This allows us to present opportunities and immediately identify potential suitors to your business. Our team is structured along key industry sectors and this focused approach enables us to efficiently identify and facilitate potential deals.

Key Service Offerings:

Disposal advisory

We provide advice on strategy, alternatives and transaction readiness. Disposal of business includes corporate carve-outs, de-listing from the JSE, distressed business M&A and privately-owned companies. Our team will perform valuations to determine appropriate deal price range and then identify potential buyers. We will also assist in marketing the business when it is ready for sale. Once a buyer is established, we can assist on the design of the transaction structure, negotiations between both parties and successful closing of the deal.

Acquisition and Financing advisory

Our team is able to assist in establishing acquisition goals and criteria for buyers that align with their business goals. Through extensive research, financial analysis and valuation methods we are able to identify potential acquisition targets. Our broader corporate finance team provides tax and financial due diligence as well as post transaction integration.

BEE advisory

We offer a full suite of advisory services to black businesses, both in the Black Economic Empowerment area and on pure commercial transactions. This is in response to the growing black business sector and continued emphasis by government towards transformation and support of black entrepreneurs. The responsibilities of this business area also extend to state owned entities and development finance institutions.

JSE and JSE Sponsor Services

Our team provides support and advice from a dedicated JSE Sponsor team at every step of the JSE journey. This is done through independent advisory to clients seeking to raise capital for growth via public markets. We advise on IPOs, market/exchanges, regulatory authorities, listings and de-listings.

Private Equity

We have long standing relationships with many PE fund managers and portfolio companies whom we provide services to with a holistic approach to deal support and advice.

Key Contact

Johnathan Godden

Johnathan Godden

CEO – Deloitte Capital

Johnathan leads the South African Corporate Finance business. Prior to joining Deloitte Financial Advisory, Johnathan was a partner in PwC’s Corporate Finance division specialising in M&A and debt adv... More


Debt and Capital Advisory Services

Align. Leverage. Execute.
Different strategies cannot succeed in isolation, making it essential to align the Corporate and Financing strategies in a way that truly enhances shareholder value. Deloitte Global Debt and Capital Advisory Services not only delivers independent innovative Financing strategies to clients, it also ensures that they are aligned with the Corporate strategies to be seamlessly leveraged and expertly executed.

While the Corporate Strategy determines the long-term direction of an organisation and focuses on balancing organic and acquisitive growth, it cannot achieve its objectives without a supporting Financing Strategy to ensure adequate capital provision for its implementation.

A comprehensive Financing Strategy is imperative in identifying a target range of debt; defining optimal debt and equity structures; outlining the sources, types, maturity profile, currency mix and financial risks of the funding structure; and determining the financial risk management strategy.

Determining an organisation’s optimal level of debt and its structure is a complex balancing act that needs to take into account variables including:

the business and industry cycle

macro-economic and micro-industry factors

the company’s forecast earnings and cash flows

the investment opportunity set facing it

banking and capital markets conditions.
Deloitte Global Debt and Capital Advisory Services integrates all of these variables to determine the optimal credit profile of the firm. Armed with this insight, the client is able to achieve optimal capital and debt structures to enhance financial flexibility.


Key Service Offerings

Strategic Capital Advisory Services

Financing products and solutions

Corporates are always striving to optimise their capital and debt structures. Deloitte assists by advising clients on diversifying the sources, types, currencies, maturities, and credit priorities of their borrowings. This enables the client to confidently manage the constant trade-offs between debt costs, balance sheet flexibility, efficient collateral utilisation and financing liquidity risk.

Total financing costs often go beyond interest charges and funders’ fees, and include balance sheet inflexibility, market risks and a lack of funding liquidity. Deloitte delivers a deep understanding of the financial markets, its key participants and the process that, together with strong execution skills, are required to reduce issuance, borrowing and hedging costs and optimise the quality of a client’s balance sheet.

Global Markets Advisory Services
Derivatives and other non-financing products

World-class global markets transaction management (i.e. interest rate, FX, commodity and other derivative products) benefits from the Deloitte Advisory team’s proactive, hands-on approach. This ensures our clients retain control of every element of the process from scoping and vendor selection, through structuring, pricing and benchmarking, and concluding with execution and its verification.

Our Approach
Identifying, Arranging and Executing Financing Solutions
Successful debt financing requires a specialised process, which Deloitte carries out in two distinct phases.

Phase 1 is the Strategic Phase where, together with the client, we determine the goals and objectives of the organisation and work to ensure that the appropriate financing solution is pursued.

Phase 2 includes Modelling, Arranging and Execution, which covers everything from designing and constructing a debt specific financial model, identifying the best placed funder(s) to provide the optimal solution and arranging the debt, to advising on and assisting in negotiations of transactional agreements.

Key Contact

Brad McDermott

Brad McDermott

Head – Debt and Capital Advisory Services

Brad spent 11 years with Standard Bank’s Corporate and Investment Bank primarily within the Structured Finance Division, focusing on debt solutions for corporate and institutional clients. In the last... More