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Chief Restructuring Officer (CRO)

Restructuring is a critical activity that requires strong, dedicated leadership – experienced executives who know the ins and outs of restructuring and can help maximize the prospects of a successful outcome. That’s exactly the kind of leadership management teams need to retain the confidence of financial stakeholders during difficult times.

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One size does not fit all when it comes to selecting a Chief Restructuring Officer (CRO). The issues facing a business determine the type of skills that are required.

Strategic CROs provide leadership in exploring financial and strategic options, as well as financial rigor in assessing and developing a cohesive financial and operation plan. Operational CROs diagnose operational and financial issues, develop and deliver a robust operational and/or financial turnaround plan, and implement enhanced governance and controls. Financial CROs evaluate debt and capital restructuring options, evaluate stakeholder options, lead negotiations with stakeholders, and develop a Plan B. Crisis management CROs provide day-to-day leadership in an unfamiliar situation and manage and instill confidence in stakeholders while also coordinating legal, financial, and other advisors.

Whatever the guidance your organization needs, there is a Deloitte professional who can help.