Insolvency. To be, or not to be?

Formal Restructuring & Insolvency

Insolvency is often maligned as being “the end of the road” for a company. And while this is the case for many liquidations, the formal proceeding framework can provide valuable relief and facilitate the restructuring and emergence of a viable business.

The major financial systems around the world have instituted laws to aid the regeneration of businesses and companies through insolvency and formal proceedings. These laws  (such as administration, receivership, Chapter 11, Schemes of Arrangement, and Para 99) are a vital part of any mature economy. Knowing how to navigate the twists and turns of formal in-court proceedings and out-of-court processes can maximize recoveries to financial creditors. Understanding when and how to use such options is a fundamental part of restructuring, and that’s where Deloitte professionals can help.