M&A: How data analytics and data visualisation enhances the financial due diligence process

A data-driven shift from the wordy due diligence report

When it comes to due diligence (DD) as part of an M&A undertaking, success or failure often depends on details. The universal challenge, however, has always been in separating the relevant details from the data.

Regardless of the kinds of DD's that must be carried out on any given deal, all DD's require professionals to sift through mountains of data ranging from financial and non-financial, structured and unstructured, similar and disparate, and everything in between.

This data then needs to be analysed and reported upon according to a very specific scope as set out by the prospective investor. These reports tend to be lengthy and wordy, as professionals try to ensure all the scoped detail is covered and that all material movements in financial performance are understood and reported on.

Deloitte takes advantage of advances in technology and software that allow us to harness the power of data analytics and data science for the benefit of our clients - transforming and analysing data more effectively to uncover insights and draw conclusions from it.

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Nisha Dharamlall

Nisha Dharamlall

Deloitte Africa Transaction Services Leader

Nisha has been with Deloitte Corporate Finance for approximately 12 years and joined the partnership in June 2008. She has over 11 years due diligence experience in a variety of sectors including auto... More