Numbers you can trust

Independent Business Review & Company Business Review

When a company has breached or is expecting to breach its banking covenants, or has a looming liquidity issue, a business review is often requested by stakeholders to establish a sound basis on which to negotiate and move forward. This requires careful evaluation by independent, trusted professionals who are both knowledgeable and unbiased, whether as a CBR (Company Business Review) or as an IBR (Independent Business Review)

An effective business review provides an informed, objective assessment of a company’s existing commercial and financial position. It stress tests management’s business plans against real commercial, operational, and financial challenges, and evaluates the risks of meeting forecasts and potential upsides. Key focus areas include market prospects, customer and product profitability, working capital, funding structures, management skills, and processes.

The goal is to establish a realistic set of “post-vulnerability” numbers that stakeholders can use to assess future profits and cash flows, from which to develop strategic options and financing options with confidence. Deloitte professionals can help.